New web site for small enterprise PTRG


We just deliver a new web site for a PME in Canada using Drupal. PTRG is now a small business that manage is website (click here to see it) alone without any programming skill at a extra low cost. Contact us if you wanna know our price!

New school app for Armand-Corbeil high school


We just lauch our schoolapp for another school today. With that app, all people involve in the life of Armand-Corbeil high school will be able to communicate and stay inform of all of what append. Student, Parents, Teachers, Directors and others members of the supporting staff will have access in their phone or tablet to a live feeds of the news, to the repertory, to the calendar, to their schedule and many more functionnality. The app also included a push notification system that let the school communicate directly with a class, a team or a particular group (student, parent, teachers).

to download the Android version click here

to download the Apple version click here

New website for NPO


We just deliver a new website made in Drupal framework for a Non-Profit Organization. The point is to let the benevole of the association with a simple site to administer even without any programation skills.

Then, the members can log in to make reservation for a court, to enter weekly result, to consult their standing or to follow the news of the association.

Pedagogik Solution is pround to offer small yearly payment on 10 years for NPO to let them have a modern website at a cost that goes with tehir reality

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New version of the app for history of Québec course


We have just lauch a new version of the history apps adding 6 diagrams on the different constitution from the royal government of 1663 to the 1867 foundation of Canada. We hope that this will help student with there final strech of study before the ministère de l'éducation exams of june. Good luck to everyone!!!

click here to download the Android version

click here to download the Apple version


Google Sites training for teachers

In January 2014, we have offered our first training for teachers regarding the use of a website as a tool in the classroom. The training focuses on the process of building a simple website through Google Sites Editor wich comes free upon the creation of a Google Account. The training is oriented towards a practical approach in order for any teacher to be able to experiment the construction of their first website on the spot. Our training is supported by a series of Youtube tutorials that help going through every steps along the development of a user-friendly website. You can see them (available in French only at this point in time) on the Youtube channel here.